About Us

TechShock Marketing is an online advertising firm that was established in 2006. We specialize in the implementation of lead generation strategies for multiple websites. We also develop responsive websites and provide telemarketing services for corporate organizations, as well as individuals.

Thanks to the extensive experience we have acquired over the years, our team of elite web developers has a proven track record of excellence. From diverse web projects, to providing affordable web solutions, it's no wonder why our clients report successful results time and again.

Here at TechShock, we understand the need for businesses to establish a significant online presence. Our affordable website design services allow our clients to reach their potential market at a reasonable cost. Our reliable team is highly knowledgeable and constantly experimenting with the latest marketing solutions.

So, how do we keep attaining successful results when others have failed? Committed dedication to quality and sustainable marketing solutions give TechShock a reputable edge over any competition.

Our service solutions include; custom web designs, targeted lead generation, direct email marketing, development of mobile apps, graphic design, free website templates, email templates and a plethora of other services. Our strategy involves utilizing various advertising/ media platforms such as radio, television, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure quality services are met in a timely manner.

TechShock Marketing is committed to quality service and customer satisfaction at all levels of operation. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

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