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Affiliate marketing is a proven method of generating active and passive income. If properly managed by experienced professionals, it has the potential to increase sales up to 30% in the first 3 months after setup. At TechShock marketing, we leverage on the relationship we have with affiliate networks to give our clients the edge over the competition. Our team of experienced professionals will assist clients in determining the best affiliate network to work with, by assisting in setup and brand promotion.. We serve as an intermediary between these networks and our clients, to develop the most effective marketing campaigns.

Here are the steps involved.

Selecting the best affiliate network

This is the first step and very important. We select an affiliate network that resonates with your brands, providing you with excellent value and a high ROI

Initial Program Setup:

Then, we negotiate the terms and conditions of service with the networks, ensuring they accept your request while we set up your affiliate account.

Creation and Management of Adverts

This department is saddled with the responsibility of monitoring the performance of your adverts, recommending modifications, and optimizing them to generate sales leads. This would lead to optimum performance.

Communication with Affiliates

The duty of this department is to establish a communication line with the affiliate networks, ensuring that the needs of our clients are effectively communicated across the board. This gives a higher probability of success.

Creation and Management of Adverts

This department monitors the performance of the adverts and recommends modifications, optimizing results.

Communication with Affiliates

This department establishes a communication line with affiliate networks, to ensure that the needs of our clients are effectively communicated to maximize success.

Best Practice

This department ensures that all activities relating to your affiliate marketing efforts are in compliance with the best industry practices, ensuring a sustained culture per excellence.

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