Designing any concept with us requires one key element which most people are not aware of: “responsiveness.” TechShock Marketing utilizes the concept of responsive design to create a simple solution for a variety of screen sizes and resolutions to deliver your users a quality experience no matter how large (or small) their display may be. So, how does responsive technology work?

Imagine that you wanted to expand a web site screen image from your cell phone to a 150-inch television. In the past, your web site image would “break up” or pixelate and the image would become too distorted to view clearly. Today, with responsive design, our staff creates a simple solution for a variety of screen sizes and resolutions to assure that users are presented with the highest quality image possible. This includes the utilization of fluid grids, flexible images, media queries and much more. Your project will be designed with all current and future possible devices in mind, creating a virtually future proof product!

At TechShock Marketing, we strive to be involved in every step of the design process from beginning to completion. Our online “Client Dashboard” allows clients 24-hour access to track the progress of their project. We never hold or delay projects, instead, we deliver information as needed through our free customer support hotline and our online application. After your concept is created, our designers and interface engineers will work closely to solve any issues you may face regarding your company’s visual experience on the web, phones, tablets, Smart TV apps, or even a 150-inch television if needed. Any screen size or device you bring to us, we will design and build for it.

The Design Process

Stage 1:

First, we will set up a meeting in-person or via video conference to discuss the look and feel of your project.

This time will be utilized to discuss your company needs and the project vision. You may want to gather any information or files, or simply choose to bring your ideas and we can create everything from scratch.

Next, you will be given a username and password for our online “Client Dashboard.” The “Client Dashboard” allows you to access information about your project and check the current project status. The dashboard offers a client comment section for the approval of each stage, and serves as your direct link to stay connected with the project director at all times, should you have any questions or concerns. You may also choose to upload images, documents and notes that apply.

Stage 2:

At this stage our designers and project directors hit the think tank and start creating a storyboard of your project. This detailed, frame by frame example of the user’s experience, will be presented to you in your “Client Dashboard” for approval. Whether your project is an app, website, video commercial or just plain old fashioned printing-- the storyboard is the foundation of a powerful and solid beginning.

The design process will consist of 3 approval rounds, which our designers will create and present to you through the “Client Dashboard” portal. During this time, you will be able to make comments and suggestions and give us approval to continue the project. This will happen a total of 3 times before the project design is completed.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your design after the third approval, a project director or lead designer will contact you by phone or videoconference to discuss the issues and resolve them to your satisfaction.

Stage 3:

The storyboard and design in the “Client Dashboard” have been approved, and we are ready to develop your application, website or video.

Stage 4:

In this last stage, your project is finished and is shown to you and your company for approval. If everything is to your liking, a project director will contact you to finalize all documents and meet any other concerns that you may have. TechShock customer service support is free for the life of your “Client Dashboard” membership.


Our development team is skilled in the web and native application industry. Creating small to large scale applications for simple or complex tasks, they work alongside with the project management and User Experience designers to complete all client projects.

Finding developers these days can be difficult. Here at TechShock Marketing, we are truly grateful to have such a dedicated staff of engineers who love their profession and look forward to all upcoming TechShock projects.

After the design and user interactions have been approved, the development team begins to build your ideas and make them a reality. No idea is turned down at TechShock. If anything, ideas are improved to save you money and provide the most scalable and data driven product possible.

Lastly, before “pulling the trigger” and wrapping up the development side of things for finalization, our skilled team will provide you with a functioning prototype for your approval.

Once all is approved, our designers and developers complete the application and it will be sent to a Q&A for rigorous testing to make sure it is unbreakable.

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