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TechShock Marketing works closely with you to develop a measurable advertising campaign that creates awareness, generates revenue and meets your target ROI. We build online media plans to determine which publishers have a history of success, and are in sync with your brand’s demographics and positioning. We measure and track the media multiplier effect and strategically plan advertising campaigns around launches, meaningful times of the year and, most importantly, we collaborate with and support all other marketing channels.

We offer several types of display advertising, including; billboards, posters, fliers, transit cards, tents, and scale models (just to name a few).

Here is a list of our TechShock departments to ensure your target ROI is reached:

Display Advertising Strategy and Planning:

This department determines the type of display strategy, budget, negotiation, and placement that will take place with a constant eye towards the ROI target.

Display Campaign Management:

Display Campaign Management ensures that the display campaigns stay in sync with best practices in the industry and continue to drive results.

Ad Optimization with Multivariate and A/B Testing:

This department ensures that ads displayed are as effective as possible to increase results.

Landing Page Testing, Selection, & Optimization:

This department implements continuous dynamic strategies in order to increase traffic flow by selecting the right landing page for each product and target customer.

Competitive Research:

Our competitive research department is continuously gathering information domestically and internationally to ensure your brand stays up to par with top competitors.

Continuous Improvements:

This department identifies opportunities to continually improve display results through timely reports that provide relevant analysis of advertising impact and effectiveness. Our online marketing team brings years of experience to the table and will work with your company to obtain desired results through display advertising. Give us a call today!

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