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TechShock is a leader in the development of effective email marketing strategies.

Through close consultations with our clients, we develop effective solutions that address their marketing needs. At different stages of implementation, we perform tests to determine the responsiveness of the audience. This allows us to test the product before it is fully completed, and make adjustments where required. Our customized email templates are developed by professionals, and guaranteed to capture the attention of your target audience.

Here is a brief overview of how we execute professional email marketing services:

When emails are sent, they are closely monitored by the EMS Department (Email Marketing Strategy). This is part of the email marketing strategy used to ensure a high inbox delivery rate. Other parameters monitored include; the mail open rate, click to order ratio, revenue per message sent and other indicators. These are developed to optimize your email marketing efforts, ensuring optimal returns. The best email marketing service is that which has an above average rating across our indicators.

Data from EMS is then sent to Program Development and Planning, (PDP). At this stage, an effective email marketing strategy is developed based on the statistics, specifically tailored to meet your business needs, while maximizing inherent potentials.

Next, the data from Program Development and Planning is fed to the OBP Department. This data is examined by experienced marketing professionals, who perform comparative analysis in a bid to optimize the process. Several factors are monitored, such as: mail open rates, click through rates, customer attrition, conversion rates and bounce rates. An efficient testing and reporting mechanism is also set up to provide comprehensive analytics of the entire email marketing campaign.

Then, reports from the OBP Department are sent to the EPB (Email Play Book) department. The EPB is responsible for synchronizing all data with the right audience. This is very critical, as this will tell us the email frequency required per recipient. Once this information is gathered, we are able to develop a specific email marketing plan for our clients. With TechShock, it’s not a “one-size fits all” style. We attend to every client individually, tailoring solutions to their specific business needs.

Finally, all data from the above departments is compiled and sent to a RAW (Reporting Analytics Watch). The sole function of this department is to monitor each email marketing campaign and gather performance reports. Success rates, error delivery rates and any other reports are all documented here for future reference.

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Tech Shock is the reliable brand for sustainable email marketing solutions.

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