Mobile Marketing

Research shows that for every 10 text messages sent from messaging campaigns, 9 are read by recipients, leading to a response rate of up to 60%!

Mobile marketing services reach target audiences on the go, and can communicate your business’ brand in a more personal way.

Survey / Trivia / Quizzes

By using quizzes or surveys, we engage the target audience, evaluating their response.


Our user-friendly platform allows clients to run their campaign by broadcasting messages to targeted groups. Simply upload your list of recipients and select the relevant group, and your message is broadcasted with just a few clicks.

Premium SMS

Through premium SMS (text messaging) services, mobile phone users can receive information based on their requests within the same network. This service allows users to remain updated on information that is of relevance to them such as stock prices, flight updates or news. Premium SMS services come in three main variants:

  • Blast: These are alerts that are sent automatically by service providers.
  • Be Heard: This allows recipients communicate via interactive chats and pools
  • At Your Request: These are messages sent in response to requests from users. Studies conclude that there are more mobile phone users than those who have computers with Internet. That being said, premium SMS services provide the potential for companies to reach more people across the globe. And, because of the demand for constant media updates, service providers can increase profits by charging subscribers for news feeds.

Alerts / Subscriptions

Text message alerts and subscriptions allow brand owners to send messages to their subscribers timely and discreetly. Companies can easily communicate their latest business developments to subscribers and be certain they got the message.

Voting / Polling

Two ways that mobile phones create marketing opportunities to engage customer interaction are: voting and polling. SMS text messages can now be used for voting during social contests like American Idol, and companies can utilize polling to gather audience feedback, giving the people a say in your business plans. At TechShock, we are with you every step of the way- - setting up a mobile polling system for your business, tracking it, and delivering successful results. You can count on us!

Targeted Data List

With over 20 million active subscribers on our mobile marketing list, TechShock has proven that its techniques work, providing unique campaigns to each target audience. Our targeted data list is built based upon gathered survey information, then categorized based on demographics, interest and lifestyle. This information is then used to solicit clients based upon their specific interests. When they sign up for offers or make purchases on sites, their data is stored based on their unique interests. For example, if a client is signing up for fashion related offers, we save their data in the “Fashion” category. How much more targeted could this be?

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