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Running a successful PPC campaign can be difficult. PPC Marketing is one of the foremost lead generation strategies in online advertising today and TechShock marketing does it best.

Our client’s need not worry as we take care of the difficult and technical aspects, while they concentrate on revenue generation.

We have proven track records and are familiar with modifying our lead generation strategies to be at par with search engine updates through effective use of PPC.

At TechShock, there are 9 different departments responsible for the implementation of our PPC marketing strategies:

Strategy Development

In this department, brand analysis is performed to determine how PPC marketing strategies would be of benefit, estimating the potential return on investment and the scope of impact.

Bid Management & Optimization

This is a full time management process, which requires experts to constantly monitor your bid across the search engines. This necessary step allows us to effectively monitor your return on investment, keeping it at the desired level.

International Search Marketing

Getting a slice of the international market significantly boosts the ROI of our clients. TechShock maximizes the effectiveness of PPC Marketing by exposing your business to the domestic and international market.

Landing Page Testing, Selection & Optimization

Web page design experts at TechShock specialize in developing alluring landing pages that capture the attention of our clients. While working as a team with PPC Marketing professionals, we seek to optimize paid search conversion rates through continuous testing until we match each campaign with the right consumer.

Ad Creation with Multivariate & A/B Testing

A/B Testing, or “split testing,” is a method of website optimization in which the conversion rates of two versions of a page — version A and version B — are compared to one another using live traffic. Site visitors are bucketed into one version or the other. By tracking the way visitors interact with the page they are shown — the videos they watch, the buttons they click, or whether or not they sign up for a newsletter — you can determine which version of the page is most effective.

Multivariate testing uses the same core mechanism as A/B testing, but compares a higher number of variables, and reveals more information about how these variables interact with one another. As in an A/B test, traffic to a page is split between different versions of the design. The purpose of a multivariate test, then, is to measure the effectiveness each design combination has on the ultimate goal.

Once a site has received enough traffic to run the test, the data from each variation is compared to find not only the most successful design, but also to potentially reveal which elements have the greatest positive or negative impact on a visitor's interaction.

Keyword Expansion & List Building

This department is committed to researching keywords that are related to your niche, and constantly providing updates.

Competitive Research (Domestic and International)

Researching your competition is necessary and this department is dedicated to that call. We analyze your competition and develop your campaigns to outsmart the competition.

On-going Campaign Analysis & Reporting

Reporting and analysis is a constant requirement so we know when to make necessary adjustments. This department is dedicated to that, ensuring that lead generation remains at optimum levels.

Integrate Cross-Channel

This department focuses on expanding PPC and marketing efforts across various offline channels, in order to optimize and increase your ROI.

Always remember, when the need for optimizing PPC arises, Tech Shock marketing is your best partner

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