Keeping in touch with past clients can be challenging and tedious but, with TechShock Marketing, you won’t have to worry any longer.

Along with our marketing services, we include complimentary remarketing services with any service ordered from us. This helps our clients take advantage of any sales they may have lost in the past. If properly utilized, remarketing has the potential to exponentially increase return rates.

The following departments handle remarketing at TechShock:

Remarketing Strategy & Implementation

This department is saddled with the responsibility of determining and selecting the most profitable remarketing strategies, platform and the design with highest conversion rates.

Remarketing Management

This department redesigns your campaign based on performance reports to maximize the return on investment.

Ad Design

The need to effectively engage your audience cannot be overemphasized. Our pro copywriters develop contents based on your target audience as a way to provide the most effective communication between the market and your brand.

Ad Creative Optimization

The responsibility of this department is to perform comparative analysis based on the performance of different advert models. Modifications are then made with time to improve rates of returns.

Tracking & Reporting

Tracking and reporting of campaign performance is critical. This department is dedicated to this, as we make use of the most accurate reporting tools, giving us real time updates on progress made.

Integration with Marketing Mix

The integration of current remarketing efforts with existing campaigns is performed by this department (including display and PPC).

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