At TechShock Marketing, we offer telemarketing services designated specifically to generate qualified sales leads. Our team of professionals has vast experience, including working with blue chip companies with very complex sales cycles. They are standing by, ready to serve your business needs.

With TechShock Marketing telesales, our clients have the opportunity expand their sales and support team. Our telemarketing scripts, allow clients to safely navigate the terrains of their business. And, our “pay-for-performance” and fixed-cost pricing models afford clients the opportunity to determine the most cost effective solution to suit their needs.

We would like our clients to know that all of our telemarketing services are handled here in the United States. We take pride in what we do, and are prepared to take on any challenge that lies ahead.

Our Area of Specialty

TechShock Marketing specializes in creating programs that generate effective sales leads. We are committed to converting these leads into qualified business opportunities. This dedication improves financial performance and increases your company’s ROI, to get you fast results!


With TechShock telemarketers, businesses have the ability expand their sales teams. We convince existing clients to renew their contracts, extending their subscription period to generate business. Let our telesales professionals handle the difficult contract renewals, and you may rest at ease, knowing that our sales team is working for you.

Lead Prequalification and Event Management

Take advantage of our lead pre-qualification services and get the most from your leads. Let us manage your inbound enquiries to ensure you get the most benefit from your leads. Lead pre-qualification and event management with TechShock will generate successful sales and increase your ROI.

Accounting Profiling

At TechShock Marketing, we have developed an account intelligence program designed to reveal intelligence reports, which can provide hidden opportunities. These reports or “account profiling” allow us to see if there are immediate, mid-term, or longer-term sales opportunities. This ensures that your team has the right information needed to contact prospects at the right time, with the right product.

Contact us today to speak with one of our telemarketing professionals. We will develop the most effective solution to address your business needs.

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